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We assess and analyze the most appropriate cleaning solution to your process
We define your optimized cleaning system to obtain a perfect reproducibility
Integration is completely automated taking in charge the global project

Bs Innoclean : Business Solutions for Innovative Cleaning

Cleaning can represent as much as 30 % of the manufacturing cost for products, leading to a lack of quality, slowing down the process and considerably affecting the efficiency of your industrial applications.
Every project is unique and requires a specific targeted response in order to guarantee optimum effectiveness. Thanks to its experience in industrial engineering and its skill in providing optimization, BS INNOCLEAN provides the expertise tailored to your needs.
BS INNOCLEAN is the leading company for analysing, identifying and implementing the most appropriate surface preparation/cleaning solution for your application among a number of innovative techniques. 

Implementation of innovative surface preparation and cleaning solutions in the industrial sector

- Optimise the cleaning of surfaces and perfectly reproduce them
- Improve the efficiency of the procedure and reduce the treatment time
- Considerably improve the impact on the environment: consumables, waste, energy

Our cleaning solutions in video

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